Human Resources can positively influence an organization and add value to the business. When workforce is motivated to top performance, the organizational culture of high morale is maintained. ERGOLOGIC, invests on the quality of human capital in the corporation. All employees are selected for their professionalism, knowledge and robust skills, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and accelerate business results.

ERGOLOGIC workforce is experienced and certified with Academic education, high level of training and performance in the IT sector. This proven experience offer to ERGOLOGIC the privilege of a reliable, fully integrated IT solutions provider, able to cope with any assigned task regardless of difficulty degree.


Research & Development

ERGOLOGIC invests a significant share of its turnover in Research and Development, utilizing innovative methodologies and state-of-the-art tools and products. R&D team is engaged to develop scientific projects, offer innovative and pioneer solutions to National and International level, supporting a wide range of ICT applications (Information Technology & Communication).


Professional Values

Our principles and values, contribute to:

 A reliable evaluation system

 Equal opportunities, reward and recognition

 Interaction, efficiency & success

 Continuous education and development 

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